Wow! A 1925 Canadian 5 cent coin in absolutely stunning condition! This coin is a beauty! The pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice. If you collect Canadian coins, you know how rare these are in high grade. Don’t delay, order today!
Country: Canada
Year: 1925
Denomination: 5 c
Condition: AU – 55

Cat Price $1350.00
Our Price $1195.00

The rariety of this piece cannot fully be understood, as the market has been drenched with forgeries during the past 35 years. Any “real” coin of significance from Viet Nam is more then uncommon. A beautiful piece from more then 150 years ago!

Country: Viet Nam
Year: 1848
Condition: UNC.

Cat Price N/A
Our Price $189.95

Set of 3 Carson City Morgan Dollars! Need I say more? This set was created by a coin outfit in the late 70’s and early 80’s, who sold extremely high grade rarities as investments. This set is no exception, it is both rare and an investment. All coins are in a mint state and exhibit a beautiful wagon wheel effect under light.

As well as adding a very desirable collectable to your investment portfolio, Carson City dollars continue to increase in value every year like clockwork! They’re better then gold! I’d say not wait any longer on this one, but I’m sure you already knew that!

Country: USA
Year: 1882cc, 1883cc, 1184cc

Denomination: 1$
Condition: MS-62 to MS-64 range

Cat Price N/A
Our Price $1495.00

100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint; 1908 – 2008

Gloriously struck crown size in .999 Fine Gold by The Victoria Numismatic Society to honor the Royal Canadian Mint’s centennial. Quite possibly the rarest Royal Canadian Mint collectable available for sale anywhere in the world, with a mintage of 7 pieces world wide!coins_penny_roll4mastere

The obverse features the official seal of Vancouver Island (as an independant crown colony), before joining the Province of British Columbia, and later joining in confederation with Canada.

The reverse pays tribute to the first coinage struck in Canada, the 1908 large cent.

Coin comes with an individual numbered Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed by the designer!

Don’t let this one get away!

Country: Canada
Year: 2008
Condition: Proof
Composition: 1oz .999 Gold

Cat Price N/A
Our Price $7,995.95

This coin sparkles!

A rare year, with the lowest mintage in the run, and always difficult to find in high grades.

Country: Portugal
Year: 1938
Denomination: 50c
Condition: UNC.